How to theme whatsapp – Android phones.

How to theme whatsapp – Android phones.

Whatsapp is the best instant messaging avaliable for all cross platform devices with no ads and clean,simple instant messaging,you can also share videos,audios.etc these features helped it to be the best instant messaging service.

But it would be great if you can customise the whatsapp with your own themes.

Whatsapp plus which is highly customizable with themes and cool tweaks is unavaliable,since it is an unofficial whatsapp users using it get banned on whatsapp.So this trick doesn’t work anymore.

Theme your Whatsapp -Android Users

Really cool stuff right? Lets get started!

To theme whatsapp you can use an xposed module or if you are on a custom rom with cyanogen theme engine,Cyanogen mod themes can do the work for you.

For Begginers:

What is xposed framework?

in simple words xposed framework which allows the third party apps(Xposed Modules) to modify the rom or system apk files without flashing.

To install xposed module you should have a rooted device.

Get xposed framework from here!

4.0.3+ Users : Xposed Framework